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Mixed-Use Appraisals

Academy Appraisal, Inc. offers accurate property valuation for mixed-use properties in our service area, ensuring informed decisions with free quotes.

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Date of Death Appraisals

Academy Appraisal, Inc. offers compassionate date of death real estate appraisals, aiding families in Warminster, PA and the surrounding 13 counties with estate and tax settlements.

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Divorce Appraisals

Academy Appraisal, Inc. provides discreet and accurate divorce appraisals, aiding in the fair division of property in our service area.

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Commercial/Industrial Appraisals

Academy Appraisal, Inc. specializes in commercial real estate appraisal, offering detailed evaluations and expert insights to support your investment decisions.

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Residential Real Estate Appraisals

Academy Appraisal, Inc. offers accurate residential real estate appraisals, ensuring your property's value is precisely assessed for buying or selling.

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Tax Appeal Appraisals

Our detailed review process and utilization of diverse valuation methods, including sales comparison and income approaches, guarantee an equitable and informed assessment.

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